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Tornador Foam Z-011

Tornador Foam Z-011

Tornador-FOAMThe first impuls-foamgun, which prepares the cleaning fluid into a solid thick foam. Less cleaning fluid – less water consumption – less waste water – environmentally friendly. Especially designed for all kinds of intensive preliminary purifications, which requires longer residence time on the surface to be treated. Including two changeable diffusors for laying in foam large surfaces in less time. Ideal for cleaning highly polluted vertical areas (canvas covers of trucks, walls of buildings).

The thick foam which the Tornador® FOAM produces, clings on your car and does not run off immediately as with conventional foam guns. Your car looks as it has just been in a heavy snowstorm. Of course, because the foam adheres for longer, the dirt is dissolved much more intensively and your car is cleaned much more thoroughly. The Tornador® FOAM comes with two diffusers (1 x narrow/ 1 x wide) for foaming trucks and larger areas more easily.

The foam can be easily rinsed off with a garden hose or a pressure washer (please observe the manufacturer's instructions). To clean the device, simply rinse the "foaming cap" with clean water after every use. 

The Tornador® family also includes the following devices: 

  • Z-010 Tornador® CLASSIC
  • Z-017 Tornador® Cleaning adaptor
  • Z-020 Tornador® BLACK
  • Tornador® Towel drying cloth
  • Car cleaning brush






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