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Tornador Classic Z-010

Tornador Classic Z-010


This is the Tornador Classic gun world wide known for its fantastic performance in the detailing industry and now also in the commercial cleaning industry Cleaning all kinds of interior surfaces of cars, air-conditioner vents of cars, minor parts of cars when making minor repairs,car seats, grease, dirt etc.

Pulse air, generated by centrifugal force which gathers the power to the forward and the across and forms the impulse stronger than usual methods to remove the particles of dirt more effectively. When pulse air is combined with liquid spray, the Tornado effect can generate extremely tiny particles and easily clean the dirt that is usually difficult to be removed.

Since its introduction in 2004 the Tornador-Gun Z-010 has caused a big interest in the car vappearance industry, as it is a novel method of cleaning all types of surfaces on and in cars. Driven by a compressor, the cleaning fluid is finely atomized by the tornado effect and it is easy to clean even the smallest cracks and crevices on and in cars. The Tornador CLASSIC is at home where other cleaning equipment has already reached its limits.

Carpets, plastics, upholstery, dashboards, door sills, floor mats, trunk area interiors, loading areas etc. you can clean them all with the Tornador CLASSIC. You can wet or dry clean, according to the area to be treated. By switching over the green lever, you can dry the area immediately after using the liquid application. Any residual moisture can be simply wiped up with a microfibre cloth or the new Tornador® Towel.

The Tornador® family also includes the following devices:

  • Z-011 Tornador® FOAM
  • Z-017 Tornador® Cleaning adaptor
  • Z-020 Tornador® BLACK
  • Tornador® Towel drying cloth
  • Car cleaning brush





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