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Tornador Black Z-020

Tornador Black Z-020

The Z-020 known as the Tornador - BLACK is the best industrial detailing / commercial cleaning tool on the market and is a patented technology.

Our technicians have been able to increase the power of the world famous Tornador® Gun Z-010 even further. The result: the Tornador® BLACK. Equipped with sealed ball bearings inside the rotation set, the Tornador® BLACK is also able to work with small or mobile compressors (see box on the left), because the full potential power is available at pressures as low as 4.5 bar. Wear has also been minimized, because the rotation set no longer comes into contact with the nozzle (outlet cone).

With the development of the Tornador® BLACK it is now possible to produce enormous power, even with a very small compressor. All that is required is a compressor with a discharge rate of at least 270 PSl per minute. This can be achieved using compressors with a reservoir of as little as 6.5 gallon capacity, so that it is ideally suited for mobile use. Because of this it is now possible to visit your customers on site without a great deal of inconvenience. The newly developed rotational technology of the Tornador® BLACK saves both time, money and stress for users, because our technicians have succeeded in reducing noise levels in spite of increasing the power. Of course, for professional users, this also means that you can attend to more customers in la shorter time.

The development into a rotation set with ball bearings make the Tornador® BLACK the most powerful cleaning device in the Tornador® family, which also includes the following devices:

  • Z-010 Tornador® CLASSIC
  • Z-011 Tornador® FOAM
  • Z-017 Tornador® Cleaning adaptor
  • Tornador® Towel drying cloth
  • Car cleaning brush



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