Heated Seats

Drive with the comfort of heated seats

Don’t be left out in the cold

A necessity if you spend your winters in Canada. And if you’re cold, so are your passengers.

Once you’ve driven with heated seats on a cold morning, you’ll never want to be without them.

Heated Seats

Make yourself comfortable now with Heated Seats!

The Seat Heater elements are paper-thin, and install between the seat cover material and the seat cushion. They are fully water-resistant (not waterproof) and pose NO problem with damp winter cloths, spilled beverages, or wet pets! They are NOT visible and do not detract from the finish or look of your vehicle’s factory upholstery.

A small three-position switch (off, low, high) is installed in the lower seat trim panel for a “factory” type appearance.

All wiring and the heat element controller are concealed below the seat or run under the door sill trim plate, carpeting, etc. It is fully compatible with existing power seats or multi-adjustable “sport” type seats finished in cloth, vinyl, or leather.

The advantages of This Seat Heater

• Consistent and controlled warmth (up to 121 degrees) with carbon technology.

• Heating level is adjustable to suit personal requirement.

• Element can be trimmed to fit any seat.

• Single seat application possible.

• 1-Every Katzkin leather trimmed interior is backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile national warranty.

Feel comfortable in minutes

• High quality materials guarantee reliability and long life.

• Elegant switch with fingertip control.

• The heat can be adjusted to two levels to suit your needs.

How do heated seats work?

Heated seats use the same technology as electric blankets. The longer you leave the warmer on, the hotter the seat will get. Each seat will have a thermostat that will automatically lower the temperature if it has reached the maximum temperature. The dual temperature switch with LED makes heated seats easy to control. For maximum driver access and control, we offer switch mounting options, which are endless, and could include mounting on each individual seat base, on the dash or centrally mounted in the console.

Installation and repair services

Installing a seat heating kit under the factory seat covers is fairly straightforward. Some factory or OEM heated seat elements occasionally stop working especially if the vehicle has been driven many miles. Autotemp has the experience to find and solve the problem.

Ready For A Better Driving Experience?

We offer personalized solutions for your automotive protection and personal comfort with 100% satisfaction guarantee. The next move is really up to you.

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