Rear Seat Entertainnent

Have a relaxing holiday road trip with rear seat entertainment

Let us help you keep your rear seat passengers entertained. A must for the family summer holiday trip or that winter skiing weekend away.

Add rear seat entertainment to your holiday checklist for a better road trip.

Have a relaxing holiday road trip with rear seat entertainment

Great option for your younger children

While older children can use an iPad or a smartphone to entertain themselves, that’s not an option for young children. A rear seat entertainment system allows them to watch a movie and gives you more control over their screen time. And you can concentrate on the road ahead instead of worrying about what they are up to.


While a tablet or smartphone can become a projectile if there’s an accident or a sudden stop, a rear seat entertainment system is built in. There’s also the added benefit that, because it’s built in, your children can’t lose it by taking it out of your vehicle and it can’t be stolen. You don’t have to worry about low batteries and charging it, leaving your children with no entertainment while you’re trying to concentrate on driving.

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