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AutoTemp Air and Sound offers radar detectors from  Escort, suppliers of some of the best radar detectors on the market.



ProDB Photo Blocker™ is the leading product in the market that has proven 100% effective in defeating flash photo based enforcement tactics. Installing the ProDB Photo Blocker system on your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle will allow you to safely and legally defeat the flash photography based systems being used throughout North America.

ESCORT RADAR™ offers the best radar and laser detectors; including the PASSPORT 9500ix GPS Radar Detector. The PASSPORT 9500ix's red light, safety camera and speed trap database delivers the ultimate ability to avoid speeding tickets. The battery operated cordless Solo S3 Radar Detector is the ultimate travel radar detector. And, the PASSPORT 9500ci custom-installed radar detector packs our exclusive laser shifter technology for the ultimate defense. Avoid traffic tickets - invest in the best radar detector from ESCORT RADAR™.


pro-db-photo-blocker select-9500ci  Passport 9500ix 

ProDB Photo Blocker

Defeats Photo Radar, intersection cameras

as well as red light cameras 

Passport 9500ci

Custom-installed undetectable

radar and laser defense system 

 Passport 9500ix

GPS Enabled Radar Detector




Passport 8500 X50

Radar and Laser Detector

Passport iQ

Radar detector and GPS navigation

Passport Redline

Radar Detector




Escort Solo S3

Cordless Radar and Laser Detector

Laser Shifter ZR4

Laser Jammer







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