Navigation and Cruise Control

Navigation made effective and easy

Onboard Navigation Systems

One of the most dangerous things to do while driving is to use your cellphone. We’ve all seen people using them — texting or talking or trying to navigate. Besides the fact it could mean an accident, it’s illegal in most places.

Find your destination and be safer with an onboard Navigation System.

Onboard Navigation Systems

How does a navigation system Work?

Navigation systems use a network of approximately 30 satellites that orbit the Earth from about 20,000 km. The system was originally developed by the U.S. government for military navigation but is now available to anyone who has a navigation device. The satellites transmit the information which can be viewed on a screen in your vehicle.


Does the mapping system work better than my smartphone's?

Yes, the mapping software is definitely superior and the system also uses an external GPS antenna, so your location is placed more accurately. The technology keeps advancing so there are also many options you can add to your Navigation systems such as real-time traffic rerouting and satellite radio, among many others. We offer a range of systems and the expertise to help you choose the right system.

Cruise Control


Can I add cruise control later on?

Adding an aftermarket cruise control kit offers a great deal of benefits to customers. You may have purchased your vehicle without this option, thinking it wasn’t necessary, only to realize later on you’d wish you had it installed at the time of purchase. Autotemp can easily and affordably add cruise control to most makes of vehicle.


What are the benefits of cruise control?

There are many benefits to adding cruise control to your vehicle. It’s great for reducing driver fatigue on long road trips and helps you to avoid unconsciously exceeding the speed limit. When we drive, we tend to slow down, speed up, and repeat this pattern. With cruise control, your car is kept at a constant speed and RPM which is better for the engine.


Best benefits of all

Using cruise control on the highway will put money back in your wallet. It saves on fuel by keeping your vehicle at a steady speed which uses less fuel than accelerating. So it’s better for your car and for your bank account.

Ready For A Better Driving Experience?

We offer personalized solutions for your automotive protection and personal comfort with 100% satisfaction guarantee. The next move is really up to you.

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