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How does an Enclosure effect the performance of a loud speaker?


The purpose of a subwoofer enclosure is to separate the sound generated from the front of the subwoofer from the sound generated by the rear of the subwoofer. To answer your question: "Why is this necessary?" If you run a subwoofer in a "free-air" environment - which means no enclosure or baffle to separate the front from the rear - the sound waves coming from the front of the sub woofer are essentially cancelled out by the sound wave created from the rear of the sub woofer.

This is called "Cancellation", and happens because they are out-of-phase with each other. The polarity, along with power and other factors from the amplifier, control the movement of the subwoofer that create the sound waves. 

To aid as a visual of what is happening with the sound wave, imagine glassy smooth water disturbed by two pebbles dropped only 2 feet apart and the ripples in the surface of the water, radiating outward toward each other. A ripple traveling in one direction with another ripple approaching from a short distance away, the two will CRASH and disrupt the flow of both ripples. This is what happens without using a sub box enclosure.

Automotive Air Conditioning (A/C) System Inspection

Although there are many brands of vehicles, the air-conditioning systems are all designed very similar, made up of a few basic components that are linked together by hoses and pipes with a primary function to control the comfort of the passengers within the cabin.

A/C Inspection:

Your Automotive air-conditioning system is a sealed pressurized system running independent of the other mechanical systems under the hood. To properly inspect the function of the A/C it is important to monitor the internal operating pressures of the system. Without a properly functioning set of refrigeration gauges, there is very little that can be done to an automotive air-conditioning system by the “do it yourself” type back yard mechanic. There are, however a few common points of interest that may be worthwhile inspecting on your own, in the name of "preventative maintenance".


Dynamat_19100Dynamat: Sound Deadening Material

Have you ever been driving along and find yourself zoning out to the sound of the soft humming of your engine or blasting your music to drown out the road noise? Well there is a solution, and it’s called Dynamat.

Dynamat is designed to reduce engine and road noise to give that luxurious sound of a quiet ride. In addition, with a quiet car, the quality of sound your stereo produces will be enhanced, allowing you to hear more of the music.

One would ask the question why? To this I say, when you are enjoying the true listening experience of a quality recording at home in your theater you do it in an environment that is void of any outside noises. This is ideally what we are trying to create of the listening experience within your car. After all where do you spend most of your time listening to music?


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